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The Shanghai Mimi Band

The Shanghai Mimi Band, formed specifically for the première season of Shànghǎi MiMi, also work independently of the show. Recent live work includes the opening of The Terracotta Warriors / Cai Guo-Qiang at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), and Melbourne Chinese Museum. 

Music Director is maestro John McAll, and 'Shanghai Mimi' herself, the beguiling Sophie Koh. The band features international musicians who create the feel and energy of old Shanghai, and who collectively help to reimagine this unique musical style. 

The Shanghai Mimi Band
The band for the show at Sydney Festival featured an outstanding mix of talent from around the world. Melburnians John McAll on piano, Brooke Custerson on drums, and Brennan Hamilton-Smith on clarinet, tenor saxophone, flute, guitar & vocals. In addition it featured singer Simon Abbé, ex Cameroon now resident in Beijing, trumpeter Toby Mak direct from Shanghai, and Japanese double bass player Hiroki Finn Hoshino.

Sophie Koh
Award winning singer Sophie Koh was 'Shanghai Mimi' for the première season. She is an independent singer / songwriter who lives in Melbourne, Australia. She was born in New Zealand, to Malaysian Chinese parents and spent her childhood in Singapore. Her newly released album BOOK OF SONGS sees her delve into a classical-crossover world, revisiting her classical piano training and her ethnicity. Sophie contiunes to work with The Shanghai Mimi Band.
Her album BOOK OF SONGS is a splendour of pop songs, inspired by Chinese Poetry, played on predominantly grand piano, cello and viola; with a few songs in Mandarin. Co-produced with the magnificent J.Walker (Machine Translations).