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 Music Director, piano - John McAll
Singers - Sophie Koh & Simon Abbé

Shanghai Mimi Band perform Miss Shanghai 上海小姐

Music Director for Shànghǎi MiMi is maestro John McAll, and 'Shànghǎi MiMi' herself is the beguiling Sophie Koh. The live music soundtrack also features an exquisite blend of fine musicians who create the feel and style of old Shanghai. John McAll, Sophie Koh & Simon Abbé, Brooke Custerson (drums), Toby Mak (trumpet), Hiroki Finn Hoshino (bass) & Brennan Hamilton-Smith (clarinet, tenor saxophone, flute & guitar) conjured the music style known as shidaiqu which is a blend of Chinese folk & American jazz fusion, and which could only have come out of a city where musicians from every corner of the world convened.

Shidaiqu has been celebrated in Chinese culture for decades, but there is a story to its resurgence for Shànghǎi MiMi. In 2003 global music giant EMI was clearing out an old warehouse in Mumbai, India in preparation for its demolition, having been there since the 1920s when it manufactured and distributed records under the Pathé label. In the warehouse, workmen unearthed a trunk with Chinese writing on it and inside were the mother shells of about 800 songs from the thirties and forties. These were the reels used to press the stamper that produced the old vinyl 78s. Music as unique as the city in this remarkable era, a mixture of Eastern and Western influences, blues, jazz, traditional Chinese opera and folk music.


"… Paris of the East in the 1930s, overseen by an eponymous diva. With indie/pop star Sophie Koh as the club’s diva you have a heady evening of cosmopolitan cabaret sure to beguile and delight."

"Shànghǎi MiMi is a charming, intoxicating cabaret with sumptuous visuals and a taste of music we don’t often get to hear. The band is the backbone of the show …"
Limelight Magazine